Spring Festival

Spring Festival

Sunday, 1 December 2013

2013 Watercolor Paintings (3) - Serene Moment No.3

Serene Moment No.3 - Hungcun, Anhui
Watercolor on paper
113 x 165 cm
Private collection
This work was juried into the Special Merit Category in the Countryside Art Competition organized by Light Space & Time Online Gallery in 2013.                                                   

2012 Watercolor Paintings (4) - Serene Moment No.1

Serene Moment No.1 - Hungcun, Anhui
Watercolor on paper
84 x 146 cm
Private collection

This work was juried into the 18th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, watercolor section, this exhibition was co-organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau Taichung City Government.       
Venue: Taichung City Dadun Cultural Central, Taiwan in 2013.

2012 Watercolor Paintings (3) - Morning Light

Morning Light - Hungcun, Anhui
Watercolor on paper
95 x 186 cm
Original available

"There is an elegant simplicity to this landscape. Sky, land and water painted with muted colors in a perfect harmony. The simple shapes of the buildings and the textures of these structures punctuated with doors and windows are in contrast to the reflection of the water and the softness of the sky; and yet they all work together. This is one painting I would love to see in person. This is not a subject that anyone would say is beautiful or interesting in itself. And yet the artist has given this scene both qualities; he did it with excellent use of the media. Not only would I like to see the painting, but it makes me want to see the location. The last point that attracted me to this work was the figure doing laundry at the edge of the water. I love it, portraying a person not as the focus, but as a part of the larger environment. It would be easy to get philosophical about this work."
 --- Richard P. Ressel, the Juror of the 2013
Online Member Show of the
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

This work received a Merchandise Award granted by Curry's Da Vinci Paint Co. in the 88th Juried Exhibition Open Water 2013 organized by the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.

This work received a Second place in the 2013 Online Member Show organized by the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.